Life is full of surprises!


I never thought I would become a writer, certainly not having two books published already!  And more to come!

Last year before I retired, my wife and I prayed for something we could do together.  This was God’s answer.  We’ve taken a few field trips to research some of the background information for Homeless.  We walked along Tredegar Street in downtown Richmond to check out the train trestle and the Ethyl property beside the river.  I remember how it used to look with trees and shacks on the hillside back in the ’70’s.  Progress has taken them all down.

I really enjoy my relationship with Badona.  I hope that every married couple can have our type of loving relationship.  Christ is the center of our relationship.  Having Him first in our lives is the best way to experience life on this Earth.  Even if the promises in the Bible weren’t true, it is still the best way to live.  But the promises are true, and we have a fantastic life!  Following Jesus and His example really doesn’t cost anything.  Life is better, inspired, and the best way to live.  Try using Bible economics.  You will be surprised.  Yes, it works on Earth now!