Getting Ready for the Trip


I have been thinking about my future trip to Ocracoke.  A group of us men are going to camp and fish.  I love it there in the sand and sun.  The storms are wild.  But after the weather clears, the fishing is great; and it’s easy to find shells.

I started packing for my trip three weeks ago, so I hope to not forget anything.  I pack light.  The fishing rods and tackle box are a must.  I even have some bait ready to go.  Then you need sunscreen and bug spray.  A tent is important so we will have a place to lodge for some of the night.  Remember, we are going fishing.  Some of the luxuries we like to include are beach umbrellas and lawn chairs.

I’m only taking one bag of food and a small suitcase.  Anything else will take up room and drag us down.  We will have to worry about the kitchen sinks that we bring instead of doing what we came to do:  FISH!

On our trip to heaven, we will eventually travel very light.  All earthly things will go.  All earthly desires must leave us.  Nothing must tie us down to earth.  No cherished thing or person.  We are to focus on Jesus and His character.  Our character will be changing to His.  That is all we will be taking to heaven:  our character.

Yes, there are some good things on Earth; but better things await!


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