The Good Ole Days


Last week I went camping and fishing on Ocracoke Island.  The storms have really changed the surf as well as the ferry trip to get there.  Fishing was really hard.  We didn’t even catch a fish weighing a pound.  We did catch Taylor Blues, Whitings, Spot, Porgies, Pompanos, and some undersized Flounder and Puppy Drum.

The town was one big traffic jam.  A week after Labor Day and people are still vacationing!  I haven’t been there in three years, and I was surprised at the vehicles and all the golf carts.  We had to wait for a while trying to get out of the Variety Store.  There were some close calls with people backing out and more people driving in.

The whole experience made me long for the 60’s.  Camping on Ocracoke was an adventure with the outdoor hand-pulled showers and all the sand at the campground.  I remember the sign to “boil water five minutes before drinking”.  I even remember when the camping was free.  We used to catch big fish which made all the inconveniences worthwhile.  I guess campers today have gotten soft.


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