Vacation Is Over, Back to Work


I finally got back to writing this week.  It has been some time.  I don’t know if the break did me any good or not.  I sat for an hour at the computer Thursday morning.  The sitting wore me out, but my mind was rolling.  I’m thinking of writing about fishing stories that I have experienced along with the people who were with me.  It is hard to concentrate on two books at the same time, and now I’m contemplating a third one.  I think I might like the fishing book better.  I have started making notes about it.  I started fishing when I was ten years old.  Sometimes you have to force yourself to focus on one project, especially when you have many going on.

I remember years ago when I had to force myself to focus on Christ.  I laid my Bible on the floor in front of my easy chair.  I had to step over it in order to sit down.  That forced me to pick it up and read it.  And that led to studying it.  We all need to focus on Jesus daily.  He is our true strength.  When we are in Christ’s will, anything is possible.  We can do all things.  Things we never thought we would do!




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