Where do you place your trust?


As you may have read in the past, we have several outside cats. One of them is blind; we call him Crip.  He always stays around the house.  He likes to leans against the house, the deck, the trash cans, the shed, or our picnic table.  It’s really comical to see him sleeping in a food bowl.  All of our cats stay outside.  They really aren’t ours.  When I go fishing, I bring back fish for the cats.  They love it.  I cut it up, and they will grab it and eat it raw.  They eat all of it.

One day last week, Crip somehow wandered away with some of the other cats.  He missed three meals.  In fact, he was missing for almost two days.  The next morning when I was feeding the cats after my morning time spent with God in prayer, study, and meditation, I saw Crip working his way back to our yard.  Another of our cats, Rascal, was touching his side.  They were side by side.  Rascal wasn’t leading.  Crip was trusting Rascal, and Rascal was trustworthy.

God is always trustworthy.  People aren’t.  Don’t look up to people.  Only look up to God.


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