Where does the time go?


Life is full, and sometimes you don’t know what to do first. Badona and I each have many of our own projects as well as doing things for other people, but we are starting to focus on my third book, Mastermind.  We’re trying to work on it some each day.  At the rate we’re going, it will not be out until next February; but we are a great team with Jesus in the center of our lives.

I was asked to do a memorial service on Saturday the 25th.  I want to uplift Jesus and present the true Gospel to those who don’t know Him yet.  This is an opportunity that the Holy Spirit has given me to be used by Him, and I do enjoy sharing my relationship with Jesus with others.  This is what He wants me to do.

God has blessed us beyond our imaginations, and He guides us in all of our responsibilities.  Remember to put Christ first in everything, and it will all work out to His glory.  You will receive the promised blessings.  Often we wonder what happened to the day, but there are enough hours in a day to get done what God wants us to do.


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