There is Nothing Like God’s Wisdom


I was asked to do a memorial service for someone I didn’t know.  In a situation like this, the Gospel of Christ must take precedence; but how will I start?  I think I’ll start with Psalm 90:10, 12.  I will focus on “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  A memorial service really isn’t for the person who died; it’s to bring closure and hope to those still living and to get them to think about their own lives and relationships.

As I was focusing and meditating on that, my Bible flipped over to Psalm 37 where the title of the chapter caught my eye:  “Trust in the Lord.”  Verse one says, “Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.”  I have been around that a lot, even in church.  It does seem at times that liars, cheaters, dishonest schemers and people who are smooth talkers who have small talents with large eyes seem to get ahead in life.  Don’t let those people bother you.  Never decide that it is better to be a sinner than a follower of God.  In other words, take the long view.  Think about the future of “the worker of iniquity”.  God sees all, knows and records all; rewards are coming:  Judgment Day!

But think about now.  Those who live by God’s principles receive many blessings that the evildoer never will.  The joy of having holy angels as our companions, a clear conscience, peace of mind; these are blessings the wicked will never know.  The hope of everlasting life with Jesus!  Now we need to plan with eternity in mind.  Have you ever experienced the approval of God?  With joys like these, what better way to live!  There is nothing like God’s wisdom.  We need to seek and search for God.  Each day we will linger at the cross, where life and death, salvation and eternity, sin and righteousness come into very sharp focus and in proper perspective.

It really doesn‘t matter if we live tomorrow as long as we live on God’s tomorrow!  There is always hope!


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