Do You Need Directions?


I just got back from a little road trip.  Most people today have a GPS system that they consult to get directions for their travels.  They depend on technology to get them there. I’m told that it makes getting there easier, although sometimes it takes them the longest way around.

I’m old school.  I look at a map and plan which roads to travel and what sites to see on the way.  I try to find the most direct route.  I have a cousin who just heads in the direction he wants to go and follows road signs.  He calls it “adventure driving,” but sometimes the signs are confusing if you don’t know the area.

People are interested in a better life for themselves, but they want others to tell them how to get that better life.  People on television direct them.  Motivational speakers, including pastors, direct them.  The internet and media have a lot to say, but do you know for yourself?

The Bible is the best map for us, and it works!  If you follow this Old-Time Map, you will have a better life now even though it may not make sense to you at this time.  And you will have a fantastic life in the future with heavenly beings.

The directions in the Bible show us how to put God first in our lives, not ourselves.  Then it shows us how to put our fellow human beings into our lives and then all of God creations.  It is a map to heaven that, it seems to me, most people have forgotten!  Just look around.  Are you headed in the right direction?  The GPS will take you the easiest way a lot of times, but the easiest way isn’t always the best in life.


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