Will it Really be a Happy New Year?


A new year is coming, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  So we need to embrace it.  Jesus’ second coming is also going to happen, and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it.  So we need to embrace it and share it.  We need to be a part of the Second Coming of Jesus!

There are those who will not see this next year.  They were close friends, but they do have a better future, a better future than just seeing 2015.  They will be resurrected when Jesus returns.  They will see the beginning of a year that will never end and a life without sin, disease, death, or even fear.

Those of us who will participate in 2015 will experience troubles, temptations, sickness, trials, hunger, accidents, crime, and even hatred.  But this next year we are not going to live for self.  We will do the will of God.  A new year brings us new responsibilities and pressures.  All the problems that we will have to deal with, financial and otherwise, are a lot easier to deal with when we have chosen Christ to be first in our life.  When our life is in His hands, we can enjoy the ride even when bad things happen because we know our future.

Some people don’t believe that Jesus is going to return even though they believe that Jesus came as a baby.  It has been too long a time.  If God is a God of love, why does He let all these bad things happen?  Do you love sin or just the results of it?  God wants us to hate sin and have nothing to do with it!

Chose Him and you will have hope, real hope, of a better future with Him.  But it starts now!  This next year chose to put Christ first in your life and follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit.  And with each year that passes, you will become closer to God.  Matthew 6:33, 34.


Every Day is Christmas


I have never been fond of the commercial Christmas and all the extra work that is involved.  When my daughter was a child, Christmas was a big deal.  Badona would get the artificial tree out.  (She didn’t want a messy tree.)  They would decorate it with dolls and other things.  One year they decorated it with my fishing lures.  We also had lights in the windows.  It seemed like more work putting everything away after the holidays.  Some people really love Christmas.  They look forward to it each year.  It is their way of giving.

I’m glad my daughter has outgrown the commercial Christmas.  The love we give all year round is a lot better!  I’m all for spiritual Christmas.  We know that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25.  That date is a pagan holiday that has become Christianized.  But God really loves us so much that He gave His Son Jesus so we may have life eternal with Him.

How much do we love Him?  Enough to give our best, and it seems that our best is not enough.  The first gift we should give is our hearts.  Remember, when we give our heart to God, it is not a loan.  A gift is no longer controlled by the giver.  When our heart is given to Jesus, it becomes His to do with as He sees fit.

If we have truly given our heart, then we will give our service.  When Christ calls us to follow Him, He adds, “I will make you fishers of men.”  There is an old saying, “It is not enough to be good.  We must be good for something.”

The third gift is touchy for a lot of people.  It’s their money.  God doesn’t need it, but the heart that has been touched by divine grace will naturally give tithes and offerings, Matthew 25:40.  If you give your money to God and people in the church misuse it, remember that you gave it to God.  He will take care of those who have misused His gifts.

God gave His only begotten Son; and through Jesus, the Holy Spirit has been given to us.  You can never out give God!  Those who have given their all have plenty of evidence of God’s love to them.

Knowing truth is good.  Accepting truth is better.  Living the truth is best.  When we give our all to God, every day is Christmas no matter how Satan tries to take it away.

Jesus is returning soon.  Look around.  Your best gift is yet to come!

Are You Wearing the Right Clothes?


One morning recently I was getting dressed to go out.  The temperature outside was in the 30’s and the wind was blowing from the northeast.  I put on my long johns, piled on layers of clothes, and put my wind-resistant coat on over everything.  I was going to work on a friend’s boat and hopefully get to fish in the Rappahannock River for a while.  As I was dressing, I was thinking of Ephesians 6:13-17.  Of course, that is talking about spiritual armor.  I wore insulated boots to keep my feet warm.  My mid-section was protected.  I was wearing a turtleneck shirt and one of those stretchy stocking hats which I don’t like to wear.  They keep sliding up.

But now I had a dilemma:  What to wear on my hands?  I couldn’t wear gloves and do the work on the boat.  I have recently lost a screw that fell down to the floor and disappeared, and I wasn’t wearing gloves for that job.  I was reminded of verse 18 that says “pray always”.  Even in the physical world, we can’t win our battles without God’s help.

God has given me the opportunity to witness and help my friend, and He will keep my hands warm because I’m doing what Jesus did when He was on Earth.  To God be the glory!  I want you to know that my hands did get cold, but I was able to fix the problem with the boat.  When we started to catch some catfish, my hands warmed up quickly; and I brought supper home for our cats!

Enjoy Life in the Lord


Well, I’m back to working on the book, Mastermind.  I got stuck on what kind of vehicles would be available in Columbia in 1942.  Even though the story is fiction, some things need to be accurate.  This book is about Dr. Roberts as a boy with his parents, John and Beryl.  Dr. Roberts is a character from my first two books.  We probably have three or four months before this one will be out.

Sometimes the writing flows out.  Other times you have to really think and pay attention to details.  Badona helps me do this.  When I first started writing, I was on fire typing away.  I would spend hours on the computer each day.  I have to get up to move around every so often.  It’s hard to sit for a long time.  But whenever one of my friends says, “Let’s go fishing,” I drop everything and go fishing.

Even though I planned for the income from the book sales to take care of us in the future, I would put it off.  I had submitted this plan to God and got the impression to write the stories that I dreamed about.  I really don’t know the outcome of this adventure, but I’m enjoying the ride.  I know that God only wants what is best for us, and He is building our characters.

Happy is the person who is doing what they are supposed to do.  It is so cool to watch how the Holy Spirit works!  I’m never in control, but never powerless.  I know that God loves us personally, and we love Him.  He is our life!  Enjoy life in the Lord, and your life will never be dull.  The adventure awaits you!

Don’t Get Tied Down


A couple of weeks ago I drove to Jacksonville, Florida, to pick up a boat and bring it back to Virginia.  It was a long trip, and the weather wasn’t the best.  It was cold and windy in Florida.

My friend got a good deal on the boat.  It’s a center console Noritica Star that only has twenty-one hours on it.  It’s a fancy boat with all the extras.  You can bass fish and saltwater fish, as well.  It has an aluminum trailer that was made special for the boat.

Even though it was a really great deal, I don’t think I would have bought it for myself.  After paying for the boat, there will always be more costs for it, such as insurance and taxes on the trailer.  Also, it’s one of those boats that needs extra tender loving care.  It will require a lot of time to maintain it.  That is something that will tie you to this earth.

Even though it’s a really nice boat and great for fishing, I don’t want anything to tie me to this world or take time away from serving God.  We have a lot better future ahead of us than a fancy boat.

I hope the boat will be used to glorify God and not self.  If the boat is dedicated to God, He will take care of it; and there will be less maintenance or trouble with it.  I know that first hand.  I had a simple Sears Sportsman boat with a Johnson 25-horsepower motor that gave me no trouble.  It was fourteen feet with a trihaul, but it did the trick.  I witnessed for Christ every time I took someone out.  While I enjoyed all the fishing trips, both in freshwater and salt, God told me when it was time to give it up.  I do miss it sometimes.  I have lots of great memories, but it is better to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading than our own desires.  He knows what is best for us.