Don’t Get Tied Down


A couple of weeks ago I drove to Jacksonville, Florida, to pick up a boat and bring it back to Virginia.  It was a long trip, and the weather wasn’t the best.  It was cold and windy in Florida.

My friend got a good deal on the boat.  It’s a center console Noritica Star that only has twenty-one hours on it.  It’s a fancy boat with all the extras.  You can bass fish and saltwater fish, as well.  It has an aluminum trailer that was made special for the boat.

Even though it was a really great deal, I don’t think I would have bought it for myself.  After paying for the boat, there will always be more costs for it, such as insurance and taxes on the trailer.  Also, it’s one of those boats that needs extra tender loving care.  It will require a lot of time to maintain it.  That is something that will tie you to this earth.

Even though it’s a really nice boat and great for fishing, I don’t want anything to tie me to this world or take time away from serving God.  We have a lot better future ahead of us than a fancy boat.

I hope the boat will be used to glorify God and not self.  If the boat is dedicated to God, He will take care of it; and there will be less maintenance or trouble with it.  I know that first hand.  I had a simple Sears Sportsman boat with a Johnson 25-horsepower motor that gave me no trouble.  It was fourteen feet with a trihaul, but it did the trick.  I witnessed for Christ every time I took someone out.  While I enjoyed all the fishing trips, both in freshwater and salt, God told me when it was time to give it up.  I do miss it sometimes.  I have lots of great memories, but it is better to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading than our own desires.  He knows what is best for us.


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