Enjoy Life in the Lord


Well, I’m back to working on the book, Mastermind.  I got stuck on what kind of vehicles would be available in Columbia in 1942.  Even though the story is fiction, some things need to be accurate.  This book is about Dr. Roberts as a boy with his parents, John and Beryl.  Dr. Roberts is a character from my first two books.  We probably have three or four months before this one will be out.

Sometimes the writing flows out.  Other times you have to really think and pay attention to details.  Badona helps me do this.  When I first started writing, I was on fire typing away.  I would spend hours on the computer each day.  I have to get up to move around every so often.  It’s hard to sit for a long time.  But whenever one of my friends says, “Let’s go fishing,” I drop everything and go fishing.

Even though I planned for the income from the book sales to take care of us in the future, I would put it off.  I had submitted this plan to God and got the impression to write the stories that I dreamed about.  I really don’t know the outcome of this adventure, but I’m enjoying the ride.  I know that God only wants what is best for us, and He is building our characters.

Happy is the person who is doing what they are supposed to do.  It is so cool to watch how the Holy Spirit works!  I’m never in control, but never powerless.  I know that God loves us personally, and we love Him.  He is our life!  Enjoy life in the Lord, and your life will never be dull.  The adventure awaits you!


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