Above All, Get Wisdom!


The book of Proverbs speaks of wisdom in the feminine gender.  It makes me wonder if women are wiser than men.  Their brains are wired differently.  And the mother’s love is the closest love that describes God’s love.

Years ago women didn’t have the opportunity that men had to get a higher education.  So men may have more knowledge, but knowledge doesn’t make a person wise.  True wisdom comes from God.  It is a gift.

In parts of this world women are held back, but you never know what wisdom wives are passing on to their husbands.  Wives do make their husbands look good just as much as a secretary’s work makes their boss look good.

So men, if you want to be wiser, ask God for wisdom to listen to a trustworthy woman.  Her value is worth more than gold to you as long as you treat her with loving respect.  But if you put her down, she may let the world see how stupid you really are!  Proverbs 3:13-18.


Just Take the Day Off


Why do we go out driving in snow and ice?  You may know how to drive on it, but others don’t and you still can get hit.

One morning a few years ago, I was driving on ice to get to work.  I really don’t know why I felt I needed to get to work.  Work would be fine without me.  None of us is so important we can’t take a vacation.  We can always be replaced.  If you can’t get by on missing a day’s income, you need to get your priorities right.

Well anyways, I was on the way to Greendale Railing.  The first sign that I shouldn’t be on the road came immediately.  My truck was iced over.  I was leaving earlier than usual hoping there would be less traffic.  After running the truck and scraping ice off, I got into a nice warm truck and proceeded out the driveway.  A car was coming slowly down the road.  This was the first car that I saw that morning, and I had been out there for a while.  The clock in my truck said 5 a.m.  I waited for the car to go by, but it didn’t quite make it by at the first attempt.  We live in a curve, and the car ended up in the ditch.  It partially blocked our driveway.  It took sometime pushing and lifting to get the car out of the ditch.  It was a good thing that there were four men in that car.

You know, after all that, I still was going to work.  The road was icy.  I had the right side wheels on the gravel, and sometimes grassy, shoulder.  The left tires were on the road.  I finally decided that if Rt. 360 was like this, I wouldn’t go to work.  When I started down the hill to 360, two cars were abandoned in the ditch.  And the ditch was deep here.  I had to crawl with all four tires on the icy road to get by those cars.  At the end of my road I was able pull into the Exxon station.  I sat there to watch the vehicles go by on 360.  There seemed to be no problem.  I pulled out, and off to work I headed.  It was smooth sailing.  Then I got on I-295 heading north.  Just after the Rt. 1 exit there is a little bridge.  A minivan in front of me hit some ice and slammed into the guardrail on the left side.  It rebounded back towards me.  I turned sharply hoping to not get hit.  I had no control and down the gulley I went, sliding sideways at times.  When the truck stopped, I got out and started walking up the hill towards Woodman Road.  The minivan was on the right side of the road with damages on the left side and missing its left headlight.  It still ran, and the driver gave me a ride to the stoplight on Ackley Road.  I walked the rest of the way to Greendale Railing and told my co-workers about my adventure.

Johnny gave me a ride back to Broadway to talk to a towing company.  Johnny then took me back to where my truck was stuck in the median.  There were blue lights flashing and a six-car pileup.  It was even featured on the nightly news.

I finally got to work at 10:30.  My truck had mud and grime all over it.  The left side tires were full of mud.  Rick took care of that when I got my tires rotated.  I had thought they were out of balance, but it was just mud.

God gave me all the signs not to go to work, but I didn’t take them in.  But He still protected me and my truck.  Now I take the time to listen to the spiritual side of life.  As I see all those wrecks in the news because of ice and snow, it makes me think, Where are our priorities?  We need to listen to that small, quiet voice!

Spectacular Blessings!


We are reading the book of Job for our evening worship.  Job 23:10 sticks in my mind.

Before LSD or heroin in the ‘60’s, Aldous Huxley wrote the book, Brave New World.  It was written around the depression time of the 1930’s.  My dad had it, and I remember reading it.  It speaks of a future of an advanced civilization where there is no conflict or even pain.  If an irritation creeps into your life from anyone or any situation, you could take a drug called soma.  It has been years since I read it, but I recall that if any unpleasant thing happens to you, soma would give you a holiday from your troubles.  Soma can calm anger and give you patience.

I don’t think Job would have taken soma.  He had absolute and complete trust in God.  Through his tragic and hard experiences, he knew that his character would “come forth as gold.”  The Bible says that Job was tested and not only for his benefit.  He was tested; and he demonstrated before Satan and his angels, the heavenly host, and it sounds like before other planets, that he served God not for personal gain, but because he loved God, His principles, and the righteousness upon which His Kingdom is found.  Job was an example for all who followed so that we would have courage to be faithful to God alone!

Job didn’t understand his trials.  Sometimes we don’t understand our trials.  Sometimes we cause them by not listening to the Holy Spirit.  That happened to me once, and it will never happen again!

Our Heavenly Father will never forsake us.  We can feel His comfort and follow His guidance.  Claim the promise in Psalm 91:15.  God can transform the hardest trials into spectacular blessings!

Live Faithfully for Him


A lot of people have died this past year.  Their clock of life stopped.  We are never sure of tomorrow.

Jesus is our example.  He was aware of the shortness of time, and He went all out.  He worked to the point of exhaustion, to the point of sleeping on a boat in a storm.  When others were sleeping, He prayed.  He was in constant communication with His Father, but worked a grueling pace, teaching, healing, planting seeds of truth, unmasking sin and hypocrisy, comforting the discouraged, and unfolding the plan of salvation.

We have a lot to do while it is day.  Do our lives show it?  John 9:4.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and we have no power to extend life.  But we have the assurance, whether we live or die, that we are the Lord’s.  While we are alive, God loves us and cares for us.  We are His.  And when the clock of time stops for us, we are still His.

Soon there will be a New Year in a New Earth beyond the power of death.  As long as God grants us life, let’s live faithfully for Him.  Really, it’s not how long we live, but how we live that counts!  James 4:14.