Above All, Get Wisdom!


The book of Proverbs speaks of wisdom in the feminine gender.  It makes me wonder if women are wiser than men.  Their brains are wired differently.  And the mother’s love is the closest love that describes God’s love.

Years ago women didn’t have the opportunity that men had to get a higher education.  So men may have more knowledge, but knowledge doesn’t make a person wise.  True wisdom comes from God.  It is a gift.

In parts of this world women are held back, but you never know what wisdom wives are passing on to their husbands.  Wives do make their husbands look good just as much as a secretary’s work makes their boss look good.

So men, if you want to be wiser, ask God for wisdom to listen to a trustworthy woman.  Her value is worth more than gold to you as long as you treat her with loving respect.  But if you put her down, she may let the world see how stupid you really are!  Proverbs 3:13-18.


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