Hope for the Future


I had to perform a funeral service this past week.  It was held in the mausoleum at the Westhampton Cemetery.  I’ve never been there before.  The building is really impressive.  You could hold a wedding in there.  It has heat and air conditioning as well as a sound system.  The light inside is bright, and the white marble and golden chandeliers sparkle.  There is even enough room for dancing!

Well, Carl is resting in Jesus.  It is so cool that while we are alive, we belong to Jesus.  And when we die, we are still His!  Those who know Christ’s voice will hear His voice at the second coming and will be resurrected.  In Carl’s case, he will have two good legs again and no diabetes.  He will not be old or feeble.  When Jesus comes, those who are alive will all be caught together in the air to meet our Lord and be with Him forever!     (1 Thessalonians 4:15, 18)  It will not be a secret!

Whenever I do a funeral, I get closer to God.  I wonder, do we prove ourselves worthy?  Does our daily experience reveal that we belong to God?  Does He dwell in our hearts?  What joy this should bring!  What hope for the future!



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