Sharing the Gift of Life


I have been a blood donor with the Virginia Blood Service for many years.  They call me quite often as they like my A+ blood type.  I’ve heard that I could sell my blood, but I still just give it away for free.

The advantages of giving blood are great.  When you give blood on a regular basis, you also get a mini-checkup.  You can tell if you are constant in your blood pressure and iron level, or if you need to change some of your habits.  They also give donors fashionable T-shirts.  I wear mine until they are full of holes.

I’ve only had one incident that didn’t go smoothly.  I was stuck in my arm and nothing came out.  My arm got numb, and the man quickly pulled the needle out and unstrapped my arm.  He said some skin must have gotten in the way.  But he wasn’t deterred.  I changed chairs, and he stuck my other arm with no problems.

Another benefit, and the most important one, is that you are helping others who need blood.  I am sure they are grateful.  We are made in God’s image, and we should help others who are also made in His image in any way that we can.  Just think what Christ’s blood did for you and the whole world!  Share!




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