Learn How to do Things Better


I have finished writing my book, Mastermind.  It is now in the proofreading stage.  My editor keeps finding things that need more description, and my typing often leaves out quotation marks that are needed.  Let’s not talk about my spelling.

It is good to have someone you trust to check after you to make your work better.  In life we are always learning and, hopefully, learning how to do things better.  Always be humble and teachable.  It will make you wiser.  Never be a “know it all.”

There are some things that I pray about before I even get started because I’m not sure how the outcome will be.  I want my words to be clear, my thoughts pure, and my actions to praise God.  My desire is that everything that I do and say will be God’s words and His actions.  There is nothing better in life than truth and honesty and to know that Jesus has me, and I will never let go.

I hope my book will be out before the end of March.  It’s the third in a series of four.  It is a bit longer than the first two books, so we have changed the formatting.  Also, the style is somewhat different.  It is not as simple as the Dan Stanley books.  I hope you will enjoy it.



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