The Shad Are Running!


The shad have started to run up the rivers.  Yellow perch are fun to catch; but when a shad hits the lure, there is a big difference.  The shad fights the whole way, and a lot of them get off the hook.  I like it when I reel them all the way in, and sometimes I can flick the rod and get the hook out without the fish ever leaving the water.  I don’t want to keep them.  I want them to continue to come back each year.

There are less shad now than years ago.  I can remember seeing the water boil with so many shad and herring in the river.  My grandpa took me fishing in the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers when I was eight years old.  We went fishing a lot, and I became addicted to fishing.  Grandpa would hook a shad and let me reel it in.  We also caught a lot of rockfish in the Pamunkey River.  There were a lot of stripers back then.


Fishing probably never will be like it was when I was kid and up through my twenties.  It was common to catch white shad then.  Now you may only catch one or two through the entire spring run.  To me, spring isn’t here until the shad get here.  You can have your crocus and daffodils; but when the dogwood tree starts to bud, get down to the river!

I challenge you to fish responsibly.   Fishing is a gift from God, even though the government wants a cut from it.  I have seen fishing licenses start for saltwater, and the price for fishing licenses go up while the fish decrease along with the boat ramps.  One of these days, we will see the price of a fishing license at $50 each.  I hope I’ll be dead by then; I couldn’t bear to see it.

\Remember the saying, “Take a kid fishing”?  Maybe when they are sixteen years old, they can afford a license.  I know it’s big business, but you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy fishing.  My fishing rod has lasted me forty-nine years, and it still works!



Introducing Book Three


My third book is finished, and Badona feels a great relief.  Her name is on this book as co-author.  She has done a lot of the writing and all the fact checking.  Some people don’t like to have their writing changed.  They think it is good enough, but Badona has made this book better.

Our book has been accepted, and we should be receiving a proof copy this week.  The process does take time, but the finished product is worth it.  Hopefully it will be available for sale on by the end of this month.

Mastermind is about Dr. Roberts and his parents.  They travel a lot, and Joel (Dr. Roberts) has the ability to learn and do.  In his young life, he learned the skills to be the Mastermind of his dreams; but can dreams always be met?

Mastermind is different than Homeless and No Address even though it deals with the same subject.  It completes the first two books yet can stand on its own.  I hope you will enjoy reading our story, but don’t lose any sleep reading it.  Badona has lost enough sleep over it for all of us.  Think about what is important in this world.



Leave Your Comfort Zone


I have an old St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap.  My wife doesn’t want me to wear it out in public.  It’s really dirty and has paint spilled on it; but, boy!, is it comfortable!  It fits better than all the rest of my hats.  Being comfortable means a lot to us.  That is why the sofa and TV go together.  It is when we get out of our comfort zone that we grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

When I am struggling with something, I find myself praying more.  And when the task is thought through and accomplished, there is a satisfaction.  It is wise to know when to leave our surroundings, and we should watch out about getting too comfortable.  When we get too comfortable, we get satisfied.  Being satisfied is self-centered, which is the opposite of Godliness.  Jesus taught us that unless we are prepared to lose our life for His sake, we will never find it.  And that is uncomfortable.  And if we try to save our life, we will lose it, Mark 8:35.

On prayer meeting night, it is so easy to come home, take a shower, eat, and watch TV.  Going to prayer meeting is only the beginning of getting out of your comfort zone.  More prayer, more power!


Bird Watching


The last few weeks of cold weather and snow have really brought out the birds to our birdfeeders.  Last week I saw a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  I have never seen one before, and it took both my wife and me quite a while to find out what kind of bird it is.  I have seen plenty of other warblers with their flashes of yellow and green.  This one is called a Myrtle Warbler and is said to be common in the East.  I just have never seen one before.  It was preoccupied eating the suet, and I was able to get as close as four feet to it. Seeing a different bird is like getting a gift from God.  It was like reading a Bible text that you have read before and seeing and understanding it from a different angle.  God gives us many gifts.  Sometimes He gives us a special one that may be just for you for that day.  You will never out give a God who loves you more than you can understand. I also have a Red-bellied Woodpecker that hollers at me when the sunflower seeds are out!  It’s really funny!

Tax Time!


We have done our taxes and sent them in.  It is impossible to come out even.  Either we owe or we get a refund.  I’m not a fan of large refunds.  I’d rather have my money during the year than let the government hold it for me.  During the year we can invest the money and maybe make a little money from it.  Then the government can get a little more money from us by taxing our little profit.  It’s a vicious cycle.  You would think they could word the questions and explanations in the tax forms better.  They are convoluted and even confusing the way they are written.  Anyway, I take comfort in knowing that this world, the way it is now, will not be my final home.

Jesus Himself said, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.  The problem starts when church and state are not separate.  Look at history.  Religious leaders use the government to force their beliefs on other people, and governments think they can take the place of God.

God always gives a choice.  It is better even in this world now to choose Him.  Your relationship with Him now gives real peace.  God has also let us know what will happen if we don’t accept His love and His Son, but He still lets us choose.  It comes down to who you worship.