Leave Your Comfort Zone


I have an old St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap.  My wife doesn’t want me to wear it out in public.  It’s really dirty and has paint spilled on it; but, boy!, is it comfortable!  It fits better than all the rest of my hats.  Being comfortable means a lot to us.  That is why the sofa and TV go together.  It is when we get out of our comfort zone that we grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

When I am struggling with something, I find myself praying more.  And when the task is thought through and accomplished, there is a satisfaction.  It is wise to know when to leave our surroundings, and we should watch out about getting too comfortable.  When we get too comfortable, we get satisfied.  Being satisfied is self-centered, which is the opposite of Godliness.  Jesus taught us that unless we are prepared to lose our life for His sake, we will never find it.  And that is uncomfortable.  And if we try to save our life, we will lose it, Mark 8:35.

On prayer meeting night, it is so easy to come home, take a shower, eat, and watch TV.  Going to prayer meeting is only the beginning of getting out of your comfort zone.  More prayer, more power!



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