Introducing Book Three


My third book is finished, and Badona feels a great relief.  Her name is on this book as co-author.  She has done a lot of the writing and all the fact checking.  Some people don’t like to have their writing changed.  They think it is good enough, but Badona has made this book better.

Our book has been accepted, and we should be receiving a proof copy this week.  The process does take time, but the finished product is worth it.  Hopefully it will be available for sale on by the end of this month.

Mastermind is about Dr. Roberts and his parents.  They travel a lot, and Joel (Dr. Roberts) has the ability to learn and do.  In his young life, he learned the skills to be the Mastermind of his dreams; but can dreams always be met?

Mastermind is different than Homeless and No Address even though it deals with the same subject.  It completes the first two books yet can stand on its own.  I hope you will enjoy reading our story, but don’t lose any sleep reading it.  Badona has lost enough sleep over it for all of us.  Think about what is important in this world.




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