Old Friends


Last week I wrote about when should you let a friend go, and this week an old friend called.  We haven’t seen each other in years, and we picked up where we left off.  Getting caught up with each other’s lives and hearing about our families was good.  But in all those good things, we hear of sickness and deaths.  We didn’t linger on the past, but talked about what is going on now.  I hope that we can connect this year, but you know how life is.  Our personal responsibilities keep us busy.  My calendar stays full even though I am retired!

As we go our separate ways, we do leave a part of us with our friends.  My old friend and I used to swamp fish together.  We walked in the water and caught fish that sometimes were right next to us.  The swamp grass really tore our legs up.  We’re too old to do that now, but in heaven the great reunion will be even better than hearing an old friend on the telephone.  And friendships will start where they left off and continue forever!


When Do You Let Go of a Friend?


My wife and I were talking recently and wondering:  When should you drop someone as a friend?  When do you stop witnessing to them?  Jesus never gave up, but one day He will say, “It is done!”

One of the reasons we came up with was that the friend is negative all the time.  They try to pull you down.  Another one is that they always want something, and it has to be their way.  You are always reaching out to them.  They have no desire to follow Bible principles or follow Jesus.  They begin lying and want to dominate you.  The main one seemed to be:  When trust is gone.

What suggestions do you have?

A Real Fish Story


This is a real fishing story that happened last Friday.  That morning I was fishing on the Mattaponi River.  Everybody was catching shad.  The shad run is great this year!  I and others have caught large Whites and Hickories.  But this morning, God had something special for me.

There was a young osprey that came to visit us.  It landed in the tree and watched us fish.  The man next to me, Justin, had a shad on the line; and it was splashing on top of the water.  The osprey dove down from its perch toward the shad.  I thought that the osprey was going to carry the fish off along with Justin’s line.  The osprey missed, and the shad got off.  The bird flapped its wings and hovered looking for that fish.

Then another man on the boat pier had a shad splashing on his line.  The osprey dove at the fish.  I ran over to see.  The osprey was sitting in the water as if it was tired.  The man got his fish in.  It was a hickory.  He took it off the line and laid it on the bank.  The osprey flew up out of the water and landed on the fish.  It just stood there on it.  All this action was taking place really close to all us fishermen.  Many of the men who had fancy phones recorded it.  The osprey picked at the fish head a couple of times then dug its talons into the shad, flew up into the air, and flew off upstream.

I hope to see that osprey again and get to watch it grow.  That sure was a special blessing for me that day!  Fish responsibly and enjoy nature!  One of these years, I think I’m going to write about all my fishing adventures.  I could fill a book.  It all started when I was eight years old.