Old Friends


Last week I wrote about when should you let a friend go, and this week an old friend called.  We haven’t seen each other in years, and we picked up where we left off.  Getting caught up with each other’s lives and hearing about our families was good.  But in all those good things, we hear of sickness and deaths.  We didn’t linger on the past, but talked about what is going on now.  I hope that we can connect this year, but you know how life is.  Our personal responsibilities keep us busy.  My calendar stays full even though I am retired!

As we go our separate ways, we do leave a part of us with our friends.  My old friend and I used to swamp fish together.  We walked in the water and caught fish that sometimes were right next to us.  The swamp grass really tore our legs up.  We’re too old to do that now, but in heaven the great reunion will be even better than hearing an old friend on the telephone.  And friendships will start where they left off and continue forever!


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