Retire Early!


It is good to retire early while you are still able to do the things that you could do twenty years ago.  I’ve noticed that I have slowed down, but I am still able to lie on the ground and change the oil in my wife’s car and crawl under the house to change the water filter and do other maintenance.  I’ve also discovered that it is much better to go fishing on a weekday whether in a boat or on the bank.  It is less crowded.

We joined the 50 Plus Club at church.  Badona wanted more of a social life.  I’d rather have a social life fishing.  Badona spends at least one day a week going to town for shopping and taking care of our business.  I guess I have lived too long.  I couldn’t pay the prices that are being charged in the stores.  (Someone is making large profits!)  We wouldn’t have anything if I were the one doing the buying!

We also have a garden going.  Badona does most of the work.  Radishes, turnips, and cucumbers are coming up already.  Tomatoes and bell peppers are doing well in large pots.  We weren’t going to have a garden, but we had leftover seeds and didn’t want to waste them.

Our retirement life is very busy.  Expecting our first grandchild soon has really picked up the pace.  Badona is doing a lot of sewing and organizing the upstairs.

We have our private worship in the mornings and have family worship in the evening.  These are the most important parts of our days.  We make it a point to eat supper together every day.  It is important even in our older age that we spend quality time together so our love and respect for each other keeps growing.  Our marriage is better now since we retired and make less money.  We are blessed by the Best!


Enjoying Good Health!


We haven’t been sick in years!  I was the last to go to a doctor for an injury.  I got cut on a varicose vein at work, and it wouldn’t heal.  I never had varicose veins until I worked standing on concrete all day.  The cut was on my ankle, and it swelled up.  Patient First was no help.  They sent me to another doctor in the West End.  He knew was he was doing.

By now the whole area on my ankle and up my leg was inflamed and oozing.  The doctor told me it could be fixed by an operation.  I discovered that he would get $340 for performing the operation and the hospital would get $34,000.  He also said that it would heal by itself in about two years.  I took the two years.

I kept the leaking area of my leg bandaged and wore compression socks.  One evening I was sitting on the sofa with my legs up.  I got up and walked into the kitchen.  As soon as I got in the kitchen, my ankle made a loud popping noise and blood poured out of the cut on my ankle.  There was a lot of blood!  It took four rags to wipe it all up.  My wife was glad it didn’t happen in the living room, but she thought I was going to bleed to death.  She wondered how she was going to get me to the hospital without messing up her car.  Fortunately, the bleeding soon stopped; and that was the point where healing began.  (I also had to quit the job where I stood on concrete all day.)  I only wear compression socks now when I have to sit for long periods of time such as long-distance driving.  My varicose veins are slowly disappearing with regular exercise, and my legs are getting stronger.  I am also careful to not get cut below the knees!

My wife recently had a rash on her back that appeared suddenly.  People thought it was the beginning of shingles.  We put anti-itch cream on it, but it had no effect.  A friend told her to try aloe vera on it and told her to buy a specific brand of aloe.  We happen to have a large aloe vera plant.  She sliced off a “leaf”, and I rubbed it on her back three times a day.  In three days the rash was almost gone!

I can see how our bodies could last forever it there was no sin.  God knows what He is doing!  And one day soon, I hope our bodies will make a change to immortality as God promised to those who are in Christ!

Not Enough Hours in a Day


Last week I scheduled too many visitations.  Badona went with me on Thursday.  Now she says I owe her a day.

Alvin and I went fishing on Friday.  It was a relaxing day, bottom fishing from the bank of the York River.  We fished both the incoming and outgoing tides.  Together we caught a total of 35 fish, mostly croakers.  We also caught a couple of small spots that I saved to use later for cut bait.  Alvin caught a 20” striper!  It really made his day.  He took a lot of the fish home to eat and share with others.  I took the rest.  My cats enjoyed three meals of fish.

Our garden is all planted.  Badona does most of that.

My third book, Mastermind, is now out!  We had a lot of problems with formatting and had to order an extra proof.  It was like the Devil didn’t want it to be published.  We plan to take our time on the next book, By Design.  So many other things are going on in our lives.  God is blessing us, and we are praising Him every moment!

Answer to Prayers


I’m enjoying retirement even though we don’t make the income we used to.  Life isn’t about money, and we are getting by.  That’s all we have to do in this world.  We have seen God in our lives more since we both don’t go out to work.  We have lots of projects to do, and I get to fish more.  We are also spiritually stronger.  Satan is defeated, and we have experienced it even at church.  We attend Meadowbridge Seventh-day Adventist Church, and people are coming back since the darkness has left.  God used me to get rid of the darkness, but we need the challenges to grow spiritually and to wait for answered prayer on how to do things.  The Holy Spirit gives us valuable wisdom in all things, and after a while, people can see what another person is like.

Always stand up for truth and Bible truths.  People are allowed to have their personal opinions.  Beware of anyone who tries to take that away.  We are dependent on God more than we ever have been.  He keeps His promises.  We have witnessed them, and we also have gained victories over this world.

We now have a pastor who has actually been called by God to be a pastor.  Come by and visit on any Sabbath, especially those of you who have left.  You will experience the difference where Jesus is the head of the church!