Answer to Prayers


I’m enjoying retirement even though we don’t make the income we used to.  Life isn’t about money, and we are getting by.  That’s all we have to do in this world.  We have seen God in our lives more since we both don’t go out to work.  We have lots of projects to do, and I get to fish more.  We are also spiritually stronger.  Satan is defeated, and we have experienced it even at church.  We attend Meadowbridge Seventh-day Adventist Church, and people are coming back since the darkness has left.  God used me to get rid of the darkness, but we need the challenges to grow spiritually and to wait for answered prayer on how to do things.  The Holy Spirit gives us valuable wisdom in all things, and after a while, people can see what another person is like.

Always stand up for truth and Bible truths.  People are allowed to have their personal opinions.  Beware of anyone who tries to take that away.  We are dependent on God more than we ever have been.  He keeps His promises.  We have witnessed them, and we also have gained victories over this world.

We now have a pastor who has actually been called by God to be a pastor.  Come by and visit on any Sabbath, especially those of you who have left.  You will experience the difference where Jesus is the head of the church!


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