Not Enough Hours in a Day


Last week I scheduled too many visitations.  Badona went with me on Thursday.  Now she says I owe her a day.

Alvin and I went fishing on Friday.  It was a relaxing day, bottom fishing from the bank of the York River.  We fished both the incoming and outgoing tides.  Together we caught a total of 35 fish, mostly croakers.  We also caught a couple of small spots that I saved to use later for cut bait.  Alvin caught a 20” striper!  It really made his day.  He took a lot of the fish home to eat and share with others.  I took the rest.  My cats enjoyed three meals of fish.

Our garden is all planted.  Badona does most of that.

My third book, Mastermind, is now out!  We had a lot of problems with formatting and had to order an extra proof.  It was like the Devil didn’t want it to be published.  We plan to take our time on the next book, By Design.  So many other things are going on in our lives.  God is blessing us, and we are praising Him every moment!


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