Retire Early!


It is good to retire early while you are still able to do the things that you could do twenty years ago.  I’ve noticed that I have slowed down, but I am still able to lie on the ground and change the oil in my wife’s car and crawl under the house to change the water filter and do other maintenance.  I’ve also discovered that it is much better to go fishing on a weekday whether in a boat or on the bank.  It is less crowded.

We joined the 50 Plus Club at church.  Badona wanted more of a social life.  I’d rather have a social life fishing.  Badona spends at least one day a week going to town for shopping and taking care of our business.  I guess I have lived too long.  I couldn’t pay the prices that are being charged in the stores.  (Someone is making large profits!)  We wouldn’t have anything if I were the one doing the buying!

We also have a garden going.  Badona does most of the work.  Radishes, turnips, and cucumbers are coming up already.  Tomatoes and bell peppers are doing well in large pots.  We weren’t going to have a garden, but we had leftover seeds and didn’t want to waste them.

Our retirement life is very busy.  Expecting our first grandchild soon has really picked up the pace.  Badona is doing a lot of sewing and organizing the upstairs.

We have our private worship in the mornings and have family worship in the evening.  These are the most important parts of our days.  We make it a point to eat supper together every day.  It is important even in our older age that we spend quality time together so our love and respect for each other keeps growing.  Our marriage is better now since we retired and make less money.  We are blessed by the Best!


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