Becoming a Grandparent


It looks like I’m going to be a first-time Grandpa.  I know that in reality it is no big deal.  Everyone who has had children and lives long enough has the possibility of being a grandparent.

My daughter’s baby shower was held Sunday, and I’m thinking about my responsibility to this baby.  I looked to the Bible for advice.  When people used to live 900 years, they had all kinds of grandchildren.  But God is really the Father of us all.  The first thing I need to do is love the child and make sure I don’t spoil it.  My daughter is also a first-time mother, and she will need support.  We were on the older side when we had her.  We will probably never live to be great-grandparents unless Jesus returns in our lifetime; but in the resurrection, we can experience being great, great, great, and so on, grandparents like in the beginning.

Did you know that grandparents are to leave an inheritance to their grandchildren?  (Proverbs 13:22)

Another part of my responsibility is to help the child to have a real understanding of God and pass down family history.  As the child grows, she will make her decisions based on our examples.  It is important that as a child she have a relationship with God and that she sees that relationship with me.

When our daughter was born, someone gave us a ceramic duck coin bank to start saving for her future.  When company came over, they sometimes added their change to the bank.  As she grew into a toddler, she would bring the duck bank out for them to contribute.  We emptied it whenever it became full and deposited the money into a bank account set up for her college fund.  She had a good sum in there when she started college.  We still have the same duck bank and have started dropping our coins into it for the expected grandchild.

Pray for me that I don’t overdo things.  Raising children in this world the way it is now is scary to me.  I didn’t want to have children for that reason, but my daughter turned out fine.  So it can be done with a lot of love, compassion, sacrifice, and discipline.  Just like our Heavenly Father!


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