“Help!  I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up!”


This is a true story about technology.  It was told to me by the person involved in the story.  I’m not a fan of all the technology we have today.  This is a case in point where technology failed big time.

Sally is in her late 80’s, and her husband, Jimmy, who was still alive at that time, was bedridden.  He had lost one leg to diabetes and his heart was only working at about 40 percent.  Sally is not too well herself and doesn’t get around by herself; but she has one of the best families around.  They are there with her and to drive her wherever she needs to go.  They are the closest and most loving family I have ever seen.

On this particular day, Sally and Jimmy were alone at home.  Sally gathered up the trash and went outside to put it in the trash barrel and to take a look at her flowers.  When she raised up the trash barrel lid, it flew up and she lost her balance and fell down.  She was wearing one of those pendants that detects a fall and calls the help line.  Almost immediately, a voice came over the box asking, “Are you all right?”  The box was next to Jimmy’s bed.  He answered promptly, “I’m fine.”  He didn’t know that his wife was lying on the ground outside and couldn’t get up.  If it wasn’t for a neighbor looking out her window, Sally would have been stuck there for a long time.  Sally wasn’t hurt, just a minor bruise.  She laughs about the incident as she related it to us.  She gave a lot of love and is getting it all back.  She is experiencing God’s love and the love from her family even though things aren’t going well for her now.

Independence is a hard thing to give up, but we have to do it.  Nothing in this world is foolproof or perfect, only God’s love for us and Jesus’ sacrifice.  We need to give up our independence and be dependent on Him.  Jesus Himself said that bad things would happen.  If they didn’t, He would have been a liar.  But we were told ahead of time.  Things on this earth now are only temporary.  Amazing real life is ahead for those who are dependent on Christ!




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