Wildlife in the Compost


We have a compost pile that we leave open.  In the winter feral cats lay in it for warmth.  Most of the time, it feeds wildlife in our area.  Wild turkeys eat from it.  Lately we have seen a turkey buzzard around it.  We think it thinks that it is a pet here.  It drinks from our cat water bowl in the back yard while the cats drink from the birdbath in the front yard.

When I bring fish home for the cats, I cut them up for them.  When they have all they want, the turkey buzzard flies in to finish the rest.  He also invites friends.  We also have a tortoise that loves to eat watermelon right down to the rind.  I have seen opossums and a skunk eating at the compost pile, as well.  I believe the skunk was eating the bugs that congregate on the compost.  When we started the compost pile years ago for our garden, we turned it and mixed dirt and grass clippings into it.  But it’s more interesting to go over to it and see a lizard or look out the window to see deer.

Wildlife are very interesting.  They live outside in the elements.  They are grateful and don’t complain.  The birds get blown in the wind and get rained and snowed on.  And do you know what they do?  Sing!  And if one of these creatures gets sick or dies, their Creator takes notice.  We are told that we are more valuable than they.  And we were shown how much more valuable when Christ died and rose for us.  God does take notice of what has happened.  Can you imagine what life would be like if there were no sin?  One day soon it will be a reality!


Storm Warning – Are You Prepared?


On June 27, 2015, people’s cellphones and computers blasted off.  There was a tornado warning in the Hanover and King William Counties.  Other counties were also added.  My wife and I were at home and it was storming.  We don’t have fancy cellphones or the internet here at home.  The TV was off.  My wife was reading, and I was writing.  The sound of the rain and thunder were making our minds drift off.  We were thinking about taking an afternoon nap.  I would rather be outside or visiting someone, but I don’t like to bring wet into someone’s house, and my wife doesn’t like me to bring wet and dirt into her home.

Just then the phone rang.  It was a friend calling to tell us about the tornado that may be forming somewhere near Mangohick, just down the road from us.  I thought that was neat.  Someone cared enough to let us know what was happening.

There is another event that is going to happen, and it is also a warning.  For some people it will be a blessing.  For others it will be a disaster.  I care enough for you to let you know that you need to have your relationship right with God.  His Son is returning the same way He went up; only this time there will be a great noise.

Check your spiritual pulse.  Are you looking forward to this coming event?  Do you feel ready to meet the Lord in the air or would you like to go on being a part of this world?  The warnings are out there.  The choice is yours.

Hope for a Better Future


It will be easy to remember the last day of June.  That was when I became a grandparent!  Eliora was born in the month of the pearl.  Eliora means “The Lord is my light.”  She is precious and didn’t look bad for a baby.  She is definitely hungry, and soon she will be hungry to learn.

It is the strangest thing.  I love that little person even though I don’t know her.  Is it because she is a part of me?  It made me think of how we are loved by God and how He knew us before we were born.  He knows the good times and the bad times and even the sad and happy times that are ahead.  I hope that no matter what happens, she will have a growing relationship with God.  The choice will always be hers.  I hope that she will find grace and peace that comes from God.

Well, my responsibility is to pray for her and be available to help my daughter and her husband and show love, unconditional love.  I also ask you to pray for Eliora, as well.  We know what can happen in this world the way it is now.  I have seen and heard what the Bible has talked about come true.  Eliora will be raised in a world where wrong has become right and protected.  I pray that she will have spiritual insight and have peace of mind to live Bible truths.  It is the best way to live no matter what happens.  Hope for a better future is what we base our lives on.

Be of Good Cheer



Last week I ended with John 16:33.  I get questions like, “If there is a loving God, why do bad things happen to good people?”  If they didn’t happen, Jesus would be a liar.  We will have bitter trials; but during these trials, we can and will have peace.  Peace of mind and heart:  because we know that we are loved by God, because we have experienced it, and Jesus showed it to us.  We can see the evidence of that love.  We don’t need to focus on our pain, toils, and sorrows.  There is a bright side of life.  It is possible to rise above all our tribulations with Jesus.

My wife and I were on vacation going to Panther Falls.  We had a beautiful day.  The mountain sky was deep blue.  The wild pink trillium along the trail were striking.  The rippling creek and the small, roaring waterfall over the large boulders were both relaxing and exhilarating.  What was really exciting was the bear we saw in a tree.  We stopped and watched it shinny down and run away.

But as the day progressed, we came across a search party.  They were looking for a blind man who had gotten separated from his hiking group.  My first impression was, what was a blind man doing out here?  Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he was out in nature savoring every moment of God’s creation.  This is the true Christian’s attitude.  We should have a positive attitude.  When tribulation arrives, be of good cheer.  Jesus has overcome!  You will have peace, and others will notice.  They did find the blind man by the end of the day.  We assume he was okay because there were no other reports of the incident.