Be of Good Cheer



Last week I ended with John 16:33.  I get questions like, “If there is a loving God, why do bad things happen to good people?”  If they didn’t happen, Jesus would be a liar.  We will have bitter trials; but during these trials, we can and will have peace.  Peace of mind and heart:  because we know that we are loved by God, because we have experienced it, and Jesus showed it to us.  We can see the evidence of that love.  We don’t need to focus on our pain, toils, and sorrows.  There is a bright side of life.  It is possible to rise above all our tribulations with Jesus.

My wife and I were on vacation going to Panther Falls.  We had a beautiful day.  The mountain sky was deep blue.  The wild pink trillium along the trail were striking.  The rippling creek and the small, roaring waterfall over the large boulders were both relaxing and exhilarating.  What was really exciting was the bear we saw in a tree.  We stopped and watched it shinny down and run away.

But as the day progressed, we came across a search party.  They were looking for a blind man who had gotten separated from his hiking group.  My first impression was, what was a blind man doing out here?  Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he was out in nature savoring every moment of God’s creation.  This is the true Christian’s attitude.  We should have a positive attitude.  When tribulation arrives, be of good cheer.  Jesus has overcome!  You will have peace, and others will notice.  They did find the blind man by the end of the day.  We assume he was okay because there were no other reports of the incident.


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