Hope for a Better Future


It will be easy to remember the last day of June.  That was when I became a grandparent!  Eliora was born in the month of the pearl.  Eliora means “The Lord is my light.”  She is precious and didn’t look bad for a baby.  She is definitely hungry, and soon she will be hungry to learn.

It is the strangest thing.  I love that little person even though I don’t know her.  Is it because she is a part of me?  It made me think of how we are loved by God and how He knew us before we were born.  He knows the good times and the bad times and even the sad and happy times that are ahead.  I hope that no matter what happens, she will have a growing relationship with God.  The choice will always be hers.  I hope that she will find grace and peace that comes from God.

Well, my responsibility is to pray for her and be available to help my daughter and her husband and show love, unconditional love.  I also ask you to pray for Eliora, as well.  We know what can happen in this world the way it is now.  I have seen and heard what the Bible has talked about come true.  Eliora will be raised in a world where wrong has become right and protected.  I pray that she will have spiritual insight and have peace of mind to live Bible truths.  It is the best way to live no matter what happens.  Hope for a better future is what we base our lives on.


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