Storm Warning – Are You Prepared?


On June 27, 2015, people’s cellphones and computers blasted off.  There was a tornado warning in the Hanover and King William Counties.  Other counties were also added.  My wife and I were at home and it was storming.  We don’t have fancy cellphones or the internet here at home.  The TV was off.  My wife was reading, and I was writing.  The sound of the rain and thunder were making our minds drift off.  We were thinking about taking an afternoon nap.  I would rather be outside or visiting someone, but I don’t like to bring wet into someone’s house, and my wife doesn’t like me to bring wet and dirt into her home.

Just then the phone rang.  It was a friend calling to tell us about the tornado that may be forming somewhere near Mangohick, just down the road from us.  I thought that was neat.  Someone cared enough to let us know what was happening.

There is another event that is going to happen, and it is also a warning.  For some people it will be a blessing.  For others it will be a disaster.  I care enough for you to let you know that you need to have your relationship right with God.  His Son is returning the same way He went up; only this time there will be a great noise.

Check your spiritual pulse.  Are you looking forward to this coming event?  Do you feel ready to meet the Lord in the air or would you like to go on being a part of this world?  The warnings are out there.  The choice is yours.


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