Wildlife in the Compost


We have a compost pile that we leave open.  In the winter feral cats lay in it for warmth.  Most of the time, it feeds wildlife in our area.  Wild turkeys eat from it.  Lately we have seen a turkey buzzard around it.  We think it thinks that it is a pet here.  It drinks from our cat water bowl in the back yard while the cats drink from the birdbath in the front yard.

When I bring fish home for the cats, I cut them up for them.  When they have all they want, the turkey buzzard flies in to finish the rest.  He also invites friends.  We also have a tortoise that loves to eat watermelon right down to the rind.  I have seen opossums and a skunk eating at the compost pile, as well.  I believe the skunk was eating the bugs that congregate on the compost.  When we started the compost pile years ago for our garden, we turned it and mixed dirt and grass clippings into it.  But it’s more interesting to go over to it and see a lizard or look out the window to see deer.

Wildlife are very interesting.  They live outside in the elements.  They are grateful and don’t complain.  The birds get blown in the wind and get rained and snowed on.  And do you know what they do?  Sing!  And if one of these creatures gets sick or dies, their Creator takes notice.  We are told that we are more valuable than they.  And we were shown how much more valuable when Christ died and rose for us.  God does take notice of what has happened.  Can you imagine what life would be like if there were no sin?  One day soon it will be a reality!


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