We All Need Each Other


I have been doing a lot of odd jobs for various people recently.  One day last week I was fixing a cabinet door for an elderly lady.  She had put duct tape on the trim to keep it closed.  The plate pieces had broken off.   While I was working, her neighbor came walking in the backdoor and said, “I’m not being nosey, but I have a problem with my toilet.”

I told her that I had a lot to do here first.  When I finished with the cabinet, I had to remove some rotten wood on the garage and do some painting.  I’m not a good painter; fortunately, I only had to paint the trim.

Well, I finished my work at 1:30.  It had taken me four and a half hours.  The neighbor saw me putting my tools away, and she came hurrying out.  She tried to explain that her toilet was loud and wouldn’t stop.  I couldn’t understand her explanation, so the first lady and I followed her back to her house to look at the problem.

As we walked into the bathroom, she said, “See.  It just keeps making noise.  It’s been doing this for three days.”

I looked into the toilet and didn’t see any water moving, and I couldn’t hear anything because the exhaust fan was on.  I walked over to the door and switched the exhaust fan off.  The neighbor looked at me and exclaimed, “How did you fix it?”

It was kind of funny, but worrisome, as well.  The elderly need looking after, and now her neighbor knows to check on her and be a part of her life more.  She didn’t even know that she had an exhaust fan.  She must have hit the switch accidentally and it had been running for three days.

In reality, we all need each other.  We are a community.  Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly.


Wrong Number?



Usually when the phone rings and there is a little pause before someone comes on the line, you know it’s going to be a telemarketer.  But one day last week when I answered the phone, it wasn’t a survey.  It was a little, old lady.

“Oh, dear,” she said.  “I must have the wrong number; but can you please help me?”  She went on to explain that she is 84 years old, and she had to guess at the telephone number because she couldn’t remember it.  She was in the hospital, and she needed the telephone number to her bank so she could transfer money.  She had the number for one of her banks, but not for this one.

So I got the telephone book out and began to hunt for the bank listings.  While I was looking, she told me about her illness and that her family was not helping her.  I found the number, and she sounded so grateful.  She said, “God bless you!” before she hung up.

I don’t know the outcome, but I felt I was in the right place at the right time to help her.  My divine appointment for that day took place over the phone.  Meeting people’s needs is what Jesus is about; and as His followers, we are to follow His example.

God Created Marriage


Marriage should make each spouse complete.  My wife knows things I don’t know, and she does things that I don’t have the talent for.  On the other hand, I do things she can’t do.  But together we are powerful.  We know enough together to meet any challenge.  Christ is the foremost of our marriage.

Many people have forgotten that God created marriage, and it is a holy union.  Selfishness should never be a part of any marriage.  If you don’t need the person you are engaged to, why get married to that person?  The dominate person in any marriage is Jesus.  He taught us how to love, to have compassion, to listen to each other, it see how important humility is.  We are also taught how to live in this world but not be a part of it!  Our home is a little bit of heaven on this earth.  It is good to come home to each other and have supper together.

Many people today don’t think marriage is holy, but it has been like that for thousands of years.  Satan is always attacking something good that God has made.  You can see how laws are being made to force others to accept them.  God never forces.  He gives us the freedom of choice, and He also give the consequences.  If marriage is not done God’s way, you should know that He is not a part of that marriage.  That means that Satan is in control.

Satan has done the same thing to God’s holy day, the Sabbath, which God also created.  Satan always has a counterfeit to God’s ways.  In my experience, God’s way is best.  God will give you spiritual strength to meet Satan’s attacks.

What kind of marriage would you like?  Someone dominating over you?  Mental or physical abuse?  Or even so-called same-sex marriage?  These are from Satan.

The marriage that is filled with real love and respect for each other is from God.  Why would anyone be a part of any relationship that doesn’t pray together?

The Hideous Game



This took place when my daughter was little, before she started school.  We still laugh at it today.

My wife was trying on a dress that she didn’t find to be too flattering.  She stated vehemently that it was “Hideous”!   My daughter loved the dress, so she thought hideous was something good.  Of course, I was no help in the matter.  From then on, when my wife asked, “How does this look?” I would say, “Hideous.”  That would bring my daughter running to look at it and add her comment that it was, indeed, “Hideous.”   Little did we know then that our daughter would go to VCU and take classes in fashion design.

We had to eventually tell her what hideous really meant.  But when she was little, she saw good in everything.  As she grew, she started to see the evil in this world.  The “Hideous Game” had to end, and the true meaning of things in this world be told.

Some words do change their meanings over time.  We even add words to the dictionary as they become popular by usage.  But God’s Words do not change, not even to be politically correct.  His Words are not outdated; they are unique.  They are alive; and they change people.  You can tell the people who are in Christ and those who are not.  But God’s message still is “Go!”