The Hideous Game



This took place when my daughter was little, before she started school.  We still laugh at it today.

My wife was trying on a dress that she didn’t find to be too flattering.  She stated vehemently that it was “Hideous”!   My daughter loved the dress, so she thought hideous was something good.  Of course, I was no help in the matter.  From then on, when my wife asked, “How does this look?” I would say, “Hideous.”  That would bring my daughter running to look at it and add her comment that it was, indeed, “Hideous.”   Little did we know then that our daughter would go to VCU and take classes in fashion design.

We had to eventually tell her what hideous really meant.  But when she was little, she saw good in everything.  As she grew, she started to see the evil in this world.  The “Hideous Game” had to end, and the true meaning of things in this world be told.

Some words do change their meanings over time.  We even add words to the dictionary as they become popular by usage.  But God’s Words do not change, not even to be politically correct.  His Words are not outdated; they are unique.  They are alive; and they change people.  You can tell the people who are in Christ and those who are not.  But God’s message still is “Go!”


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