God Created Marriage


Marriage should make each spouse complete.  My wife knows things I don’t know, and she does things that I don’t have the talent for.  On the other hand, I do things she can’t do.  But together we are powerful.  We know enough together to meet any challenge.  Christ is the foremost of our marriage.

Many people have forgotten that God created marriage, and it is a holy union.  Selfishness should never be a part of any marriage.  If you don’t need the person you are engaged to, why get married to that person?  The dominate person in any marriage is Jesus.  He taught us how to love, to have compassion, to listen to each other, it see how important humility is.  We are also taught how to live in this world but not be a part of it!  Our home is a little bit of heaven on this earth.  It is good to come home to each other and have supper together.

Many people today don’t think marriage is holy, but it has been like that for thousands of years.  Satan is always attacking something good that God has made.  You can see how laws are being made to force others to accept them.  God never forces.  He gives us the freedom of choice, and He also give the consequences.  If marriage is not done God’s way, you should know that He is not a part of that marriage.  That means that Satan is in control.

Satan has done the same thing to God’s holy day, the Sabbath, which God also created.  Satan always has a counterfeit to God’s ways.  In my experience, God’s way is best.  God will give you spiritual strength to meet Satan’s attacks.

What kind of marriage would you like?  Someone dominating over you?  Mental or physical abuse?  Or even so-called same-sex marriage?  These are from Satan.

The marriage that is filled with real love and respect for each other is from God.  Why would anyone be a part of any relationship that doesn’t pray together?


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