Wrong Number?



Usually when the phone rings and there is a little pause before someone comes on the line, you know it’s going to be a telemarketer.  But one day last week when I answered the phone, it wasn’t a survey.  It was a little, old lady.

“Oh, dear,” she said.  “I must have the wrong number; but can you please help me?”  She went on to explain that she is 84 years old, and she had to guess at the telephone number because she couldn’t remember it.  She was in the hospital, and she needed the telephone number to her bank so she could transfer money.  She had the number for one of her banks, but not for this one.

So I got the telephone book out and began to hunt for the bank listings.  While I was looking, she told me about her illness and that her family was not helping her.  I found the number, and she sounded so grateful.  She said, “God bless you!” before she hung up.

I don’t know the outcome, but I felt I was in the right place at the right time to help her.  My divine appointment for that day took place over the phone.  Meeting people’s needs is what Jesus is about; and as His followers, we are to follow His example.


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