We All Need Each Other


I have been doing a lot of odd jobs for various people recently.  One day last week I was fixing a cabinet door for an elderly lady.  She had put duct tape on the trim to keep it closed.  The plate pieces had broken off.   While I was working, her neighbor came walking in the backdoor and said, “I’m not being nosey, but I have a problem with my toilet.”

I told her that I had a lot to do here first.  When I finished with the cabinet, I had to remove some rotten wood on the garage and do some painting.  I’m not a good painter; fortunately, I only had to paint the trim.

Well, I finished my work at 1:30.  It had taken me four and a half hours.  The neighbor saw me putting my tools away, and she came hurrying out.  She tried to explain that her toilet was loud and wouldn’t stop.  I couldn’t understand her explanation, so the first lady and I followed her back to her house to look at the problem.

As we walked into the bathroom, she said, “See.  It just keeps making noise.  It’s been doing this for three days.”

I looked into the toilet and didn’t see any water moving, and I couldn’t hear anything because the exhaust fan was on.  I walked over to the door and switched the exhaust fan off.  The neighbor looked at me and exclaimed, “How did you fix it?”

It was kind of funny, but worrisome, as well.  The elderly need looking after, and now her neighbor knows to check on her and be a part of her life more.  She didn’t even know that she had an exhaust fan.  She must have hit the switch accidentally and it had been running for three days.

In reality, we all need each other.  We are a community.  Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly.


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