Writer’s Block?  Take a Break


Sometimes you don’t know what to write about.  The only writing that I have done lately is this blog.  I guess it keeps my mind on the writing process.

I’m retired, but I haven’t had time to write in my fourth book, By Design.  It’s stuck in the editing phase.  This is Brenda’s story in my Dan Stanley series.  The first three books are Homeless, No Address, and Mastermind.

I have to force myself to get away.  I need to take time out to go and do some research for this book.  People are disappointed that I can’t help them during this time, but you do need to take time away and slow down occasionally.  Jesus Himself said in Mark 6:31, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.”  It goes on to say, “For there were many coming and going and they did not even have time to eat.”  (My wife can testify about me not eating.  She has been trying to fatten me up!)  To guard against the fast past danger, Jesus invites us to “Come apart and rest awhile,” to regain spiritual strength even when we are working for God.  I’m looking forward to it!


A Good Wife



Last week I wrote about getting into the bathtub to take a shower, but I want to draw your attention to Proverbs 19:14.

Prudent is not a word you hear often, and I am blessed with a prudent wife.  Yes, she has foresight and is wise.  She is frugal and shrewd in managing all the business of our lives.  We are where we are because of her.  I have complete trust in her.  When I used to work, I would give her my paycheck and she would take care of most everything.

I don’t like shopping.  When I go to the stores, I come back with nothing because it is all overpriced.  I have been told that I have lived too long.  But my wife plays their games and uses coupons.  She comes home with a lot of groceries, and she never pays full price.  Now that I’m retired and have less income, it is prudent for me to keep doing what I have been doing.  She is a gift from the Lord.  He gives us all good gifts, but my wife is beyond comparison!

Hazards in the Bathroom


I think I know why there are so many accidents in the bathroom.  The tub is a dangerous place.  At the bottom of our tub we have stick-on fish that our feet can grip.  We also have a small handle on the back side of the tub as well as a window ledge above it.  But getting into the tub to take a shower is somewhat precarious.  We have to negotiate ten bottles sitting on the front edge of the tub.  There is also a soap dish with a bar of soap in it.  I’m not allowed to use that one.  I have my own on a shelf at the front of the tub.  When I get in, I usually knock down some of the bottles.  At least it’s the bottles and not me!  I don’t bother to pick them up; and when I step on them, I about go down.  My wife says she needs all of them.  There are several different types of shampoos, conditioners, and body wash, one is a face scrub, and two are tiny hotel sample bottles.  Those are the most dangerous.  They are too small to see when I step on them.

How come women need so many bottles to shower with?  I know that the Bible says that Eve was a helpmate for Adam.  I wonder how many bottles she used.

I know we all love our wives, but watch out for those bottles!  I leave a lot of dirt in the tub, so I guess she puts up with me, as well!

Here’s a footnote.  Since writing this, several of those bottles have disappeared!

Going About God’s Business


One day last week I was at a friend’s house helping him all day.  When I got home around 5 pm, I went into the shed to get the cooler to put in my wife’s car for the next day’s grocery shopping.  It’s too hot to leave frozen foods out for the ride home!

I didn’t go back to lock up the shed as my wife came out and said that we needed to go to help one of her friends unload her truck.  The friend’s brother had died recently, and she has been travelling back and forth to New York for the funeral and to figure out how to care for her aged mother who lives up there.   She decided to move her mother down here to live with her.  The friend couldn’t afford to miss any more time off from work, so she needed the truck unloaded that day.  Another church member was coming to help unload.

We hopped into the car and drove over to her house.  It didn’t take long to do the unloading; and we were soon back at home.  I was shocked to see my shed door open.  I have never left it open before and am especially careful since the neighborhood has grown with a new subdivision behind our property.  When I went into the shed, I found nothing missing.  We were gone for more than an hour.  All my tools were there and, more important, all my fishing equipment!

We are blessed where we live.  I do believe that the Lord takes care of us while we are about His business.  If my stuff had been stolen, I would never be able to replace it.  I guess I still need it for a little while longer.  But I know that things will not be going to heaven with us.  We need to focus more on God’s business here!