Going About God’s Business


One day last week I was at a friend’s house helping him all day.  When I got home around 5 pm, I went into the shed to get the cooler to put in my wife’s car for the next day’s grocery shopping.  It’s too hot to leave frozen foods out for the ride home!

I didn’t go back to lock up the shed as my wife came out and said that we needed to go to help one of her friends unload her truck.  The friend’s brother had died recently, and she has been travelling back and forth to New York for the funeral and to figure out how to care for her aged mother who lives up there.   She decided to move her mother down here to live with her.  The friend couldn’t afford to miss any more time off from work, so she needed the truck unloaded that day.  Another church member was coming to help unload.

We hopped into the car and drove over to her house.  It didn’t take long to do the unloading; and we were soon back at home.  I was shocked to see my shed door open.  I have never left it open before and am especially careful since the neighborhood has grown with a new subdivision behind our property.  When I went into the shed, I found nothing missing.  We were gone for more than an hour.  All my tools were there and, more important, all my fishing equipment!

We are blessed where we live.  I do believe that the Lord takes care of us while we are about His business.  If my stuff had been stolen, I would never be able to replace it.  I guess I still need it for a little while longer.  But I know that things will not be going to heaven with us.  We need to focus more on God’s business here!


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