Hazards in the Bathroom


I think I know why there are so many accidents in the bathroom.  The tub is a dangerous place.  At the bottom of our tub we have stick-on fish that our feet can grip.  We also have a small handle on the back side of the tub as well as a window ledge above it.  But getting into the tub to take a shower is somewhat precarious.  We have to negotiate ten bottles sitting on the front edge of the tub.  There is also a soap dish with a bar of soap in it.  I’m not allowed to use that one.  I have my own on a shelf at the front of the tub.  When I get in, I usually knock down some of the bottles.  At least it’s the bottles and not me!  I don’t bother to pick them up; and when I step on them, I about go down.  My wife says she needs all of them.  There are several different types of shampoos, conditioners, and body wash, one is a face scrub, and two are tiny hotel sample bottles.  Those are the most dangerous.  They are too small to see when I step on them.

How come women need so many bottles to shower with?  I know that the Bible says that Eve was a helpmate for Adam.  I wonder how many bottles she used.

I know we all love our wives, but watch out for those bottles!  I leave a lot of dirt in the tub, so I guess she puts up with me, as well!

Here’s a footnote.  Since writing this, several of those bottles have disappeared!


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