A Good Wife



Last week I wrote about getting into the bathtub to take a shower, but I want to draw your attention to Proverbs 19:14.

Prudent is not a word you hear often, and I am blessed with a prudent wife.  Yes, she has foresight and is wise.  She is frugal and shrewd in managing all the business of our lives.  We are where we are because of her.  I have complete trust in her.  When I used to work, I would give her my paycheck and she would take care of most everything.

I don’t like shopping.  When I go to the stores, I come back with nothing because it is all overpriced.  I have been told that I have lived too long.  But my wife plays their games and uses coupons.  She comes home with a lot of groceries, and she never pays full price.  Now that I’m retired and have less income, it is prudent for me to keep doing what I have been doing.  She is a gift from the Lord.  He gives us all good gifts, but my wife is beyond comparison!


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