Bass Fishing Tips and Listening to the Expert


I guess the highlight of this past week was when I was invited to fish in Lake Anna.  Erick has a fancy bass boat.  It’s a Ranger that he used to use to fish tournaments.  He broke his neck somehow, and now he is trying to get back into tournament shape.

I get to come along to help.  The first time I went to Lake Anna, I only caught one bass and one brim.  This past week I caught fourteen bass and a catfish.  I learned a lot from going there the first time and listening to Erick.   I’m not good with colors; but, apparently, you can have the same lure as the other person.  But if the color is different, the fish won’t bite your lure.  Listening and watching someone who knows what they are doing will improve your own ability.   And that is not only in fishing.  It works in all areas of life.

Erick has the knowledge to fish tournaments, but he isn’t physically ready.  So that makes me not ready.  It is difficult for me to fish, run the trolling motor, and watch the screen at the same time.  And we keep having these little mishaps that we have to work out.  One time I had a bass on and it got off.  Then another bass hit my lure, and Erick got a bass at the same time.  We got both of them in even though we couldn’t help each other and that was an improvement.

Take time to listen and practice what you take in.  The Bible is a great place to start.  You will hear God talking to you!


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