Catfish, Hot Water, and Being Self-Sufficient



Friday I went fishing with my friend Johnny.  We went striper fishing in the Rappahannock River.  We didn’t get a hit with our lures.  We did have two hickory shad left from the spring, so we cut them up and put them on our hooks.  We caught catfish and more catfish!  The largest one was twelve pounds.  We gave fish to people at the boat ramp, and I took home two buckets full.  One bucket went to our neighbors and the other went to our cats.  You’ve heard about our outside cats before.

I cut the catfish up, and the cats growl and eat.  They will eat any kind of fish; but the way they tear into catfish makes me think it’s their favorite.  I have even had my finger bitten by the cats as they try to help me cut it up faster.

Saturday morning it was 47° outside while I was cutting up the catfish for the cats.  I had overslept and didn’t turn on the hot water heater before I went out.  I’ve put a 220 switch on the hot water heater.  It has really saved on our electric bill.  We have to remember to turn on the water heater a few minutes before we need hot water.  Well, my wife got in the shower and ran out of hot water.  She wasn’t too happy about that.  Sometimes we have these little inconveniences, but money is saved.  The cats had several free meals from the fish I caught.

If you think about it, how did people live two hundred years ago?  They were tougher and took care of themselves and their neighbors.  They worked together.  When the electricity goes out, it’s inconvenient; but we know how to make do.  We don’t need a generator.  Just go to bed at night, be creative, and enjoy life in Jesus.  Bad things will happen, but those in Christ have a future that we can’t imagine!


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