Prices at the Pumps vs. Store Prices


It’s great that the price of gas has gone down; but the strange thing is that the price of other things, even groceries, have stayed the same or even gone up.  Prices of goods went up when fuel was more expensive.  They claimed they had to pay more for delivery.  With lower fuel prices, we should be seeing lower prices in the stores.  There is no way that mayonnaise should cost more than a dollar.  My wife can make her own with very simple ingredients!   Even our electricity bill hasn’t gone down.  We are still paying extra for fuel charges.

I challenge you not to buy anything unless you really need it.  If more of us don’t buy, prices will come down.

I have lived too long.  I can remember where there was no sales tax or gas tax.  Our government wants people to depend on them.  I challenge you to trust in God and use the talents and gifts He gives you to take care of yourself.  There is a time coming when greed will be gone at Jesus’ second coming.  Then we will experience the Bible’s and heaven’s economy, Matthew 24:14.  Try not to be a part of this economy now.  Try Matthew 6:33.


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