Heavenly Banquet


Recently my wife and I attended a church banquet.  It started late.  I kept thinking that the banquet in heaven will be on time.  We did enjoy talking to friends who we don’t see often.  That was the best part of the evening.  I was thinking of all the Bible characters who I would like to talk to in heaven; after talking with Jesus, of course.  I read so much about them, I feel that I know them.

The banquet food was pretty skimpy.  That turned out to be a good thing as it was not very tasty.  The sherbet, with one raspberry on top, was the best part.  Too bad it was such a small serving.  Mostly, the whole experience was very disappointing.  It was made even worse by knowing that it was super expensive.

The banquet that God has planned for us in heaven will not be disappointing.  There will be a long table of food that will be of exceptional quality.  We will be able to eat our fill.  It will be free for all those who have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.  So you will know that everyone who is there will have Christ’s character.

The Bible says in Matthew 22:14 where it talks about the wedding feast, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

The beginning on many banquets will start when Jesus comes back to Earth and takes us to heaven.  A better life is promised for us!


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