Take a Kid Fishing


A good way to start a kid fishing is to take them shad fishing.  It is easy to catch fish that are running.  They are also on the larger size and fight hard.  Grandpa Wish gave me a pflugger plug to practice casting.  I saw how those men caught a lot of fish by throwing their lines out farther.

At school, I told the boys about the two fish I had caught and my new fishing rod.  When I got home, I practiced casting.  I wanted to be ready to go to the river next time.  It seemed like a long time before we went again because my grandparents didn’t drive yet.  They lived in Richmond on Ellwood Avenue, and they either rode the bus or walked.  Uncle Russell drove and had a car, so everything depended on his schedule.  It was a few years later that Grandpa got a driver’s license and bought a 1963 Dodge Dart.  That blue Dodge Dart lasted a long time.  When he finally bought a brown Dodge Dart, my parents got the blue one.

The next time Uncle Russell took us fishing it was in a pond.  I don’t remember where it was.  This time he fished with a hook and worm or with minnows.  Grandpa Wish tied a little spinner that he made on my line and set me up before he got ready.  He watched me cast with encouraging words and told me how to wind the reel.  Then he got his ready, putting on a floating plug.  He caught the first fish.  It was a large-mouth bass, and it was big.  Or at least it was big to me.  And just like the shad fishing, he unhooked the bass and let it back in the water.

Uncle Russell and I did catch fish, but mine were smaller.  They were called brim.  Mine were kept and ate.


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