Be Thrifty, Shop Smart


My wife bought some new dish towels and bath towels.  They look good, but that is all.  I’m not happy with the products that are out there to buy.  Towels are supposed to dry things not push water around!  There is nothing like an old-fashioned towel, washed and hung outside to dry.  They absorb water, you are dry in no time, and you get a good back scratch!

A lot of products are over-priced and then are marked down on sale.  But they still are over-priced at the sale price.  And then the products are not satisfactory.  To me the thrift stores are a lot better than the big-named stores.

I guess people feel they have no choice but to buy what is offered.  Prices will go down if we don’t buy.  Remember how everything went up in price when gas and diesel prices were high?  Since businesses got that much money back then, they want to keep getting it now.

I encourage you to shop smart.  Take things back if you aren’t satisfied.  Don’t fall for commercials.  Be thrifty.  We don’t need to show off for anybody.  Humility is a good trait, and I would rather see people show off Christ and what He has done in their life!




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