My First Tackle Box


As I remember some of my early years of fishing, I’m looking forward to shad fishing in March.  The fishing year starts in March when the shad run begins.  It ends in December with striper fishing.  I enjoy all kinds of fishing that I can afford, both salt and fresh water.

I remember when my grandpa gave me my first tackle fishing box.  It was metal, and I had it for many years, even during my married life.  I would still have it if I hadn’t run over it with my truck.  Grandpa gave it to me the second time that we went to that pond.  He had put some lures in it, and one of those lures was the one that he caught that big bass the first time we were at the pond.

Uncle Russell caught the most fish with his minnows, while grandpa and I used lures.  I caught two bass; they were only a pound and a half.  They weren’t nearly as big as the one grandpa caught last time, but I was praised.

It was neat to see a fish hit a lure that was on the surface of the water.  The bass didn’t pull as hard as the shad did, but I thought that I was a good fisherman and I talked like I knew what I was doing.  Other boys were using bobbers, and I was using lures.  I still have the same fishing fever.  I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to go fishing all by myself in the Chickahominy Swamp.  That is another story.  I used to go there almost every day in the summers.


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