My Own Room!


I have lived in the same house for almost thirty years and have just discovered that I have a room!  I thought that the whole house was my wife’s.

All of my fishing things have been stored out in the shed with all of my fishing equipment.  So now I am thinking about bringing all my fishing supplies into my room.  That would leave more space in the shed for storing aluminum cans.  I walk the road for exercise and pick up cans.  As I pick up cans, I pray for the people who live in the house that I am in front of.

I’m thinking about how to organize my room and where will we put the stuff that is already in there.  This room serves as my study and where I do my writing.  Our daughter left home several years ago, and she still has a room here.  Maybe I can shift stuff in there!  I don’t know when I will actually get started; but, hurrah, I’ve got a room in the house!


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