A Good Week



Have you ever had one of those rare weeks when everything falls right in place?  There are no frustrations, and the whole week goes smoothly?  I had one last week!  I helped repair a floor and moved things back into the room and didn’t scratch the new floor.  I built a ramp, and it fit in place just like it was supposed to.  There was a little problem with the door, but that only made things interesting.  I was able to go swimming with Badona, and I went fishing twice.  The shad are running, but I also caught a yellow perch, a crappie, and a herring.  The white shad were the best fighters.

On Sabbath, I was asked to teach the Sabbath School lesson; and I was impressed to take it in a different direction.  It was about the seven churches in Revelation.  The lesson went well, and the discussion never stopped.  In fact, we went over time but left there feeling blessed in knowing that the Holy Scriptures have the final authority.  Let Scripture interpret itself with no preconceived ideas.  All the names that Jesus used in Revelation, chapter one are important and how the different names were used in the different churches.

I know next week won’t be like last week, but I’m blessed every week.  I hope you have one of those rare weeks that everything flows just right.  Enjoy it!


Daylight Saving Time


I am not a fan of Daylight Saving Time.  I never have been.   I wish we would stay on Standard Time.  I believe it is better for us, but other people want to tell you what is good for you.

In Daylight Saving Time, I go to bed before it is dark.  I understand that others cannot.  At least Daylight Saving Time doesn’t last forever.  Our bodies get back to normal in November.

Some people love Daylight Saving Time.  They go all out and work and play harder.  It will be light at 5 a.m. and go almost to 9 p.m.  That is a long day to me.  Well, at least I’m retired; and it doesn’t affect me as much.  And what people say doesn’t affect me at all.

I wonder what time we will be on in heaven and on the New Earth.  We will still have weeks and months.  The Bible says, “That from one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, we will come and worship God.”  And in the New Jerusalem, it will always be light.  That is where a place is being prepared for me!  Our bodies will be changed, so it really doesn’t matter.  Just think, we will be living as God intended for us to live in the first place!  There will be no sin!

My Latest Book


By Design, the last book of the series of four, might be out by the beginning of April.  Badona has done the artwork for the cover, and she will read it through one more time.  Then she will submit it and order a proof copy.  She will read it again; and if there are no corrections, it will be ready to be published.  She has read the book many times more than I have.

There is another book in the works, but it is almost time for me to go fishing.  I set a date on the calendar, March 17, to go shad fishing.  I have my double rigs tied and my rods ready with new line on the reels.  Shad fishing with light tackle is a blast!  You hope to see the same people as you have in the past, but a lot of them have died.  We see each other every shad season until May.  We get caught up with each other; and after shad season ends, our paths rarely cross.

Enjoy your friendships and reminisce about the past, but invest in the future in Christ!

Beware of False Advertising


Last week I drove to Okeechobee, Florida, to bass fish in Lake Okeechobee.  We trailered the boat all the way down to stay in a place that my friend found on the internet.  He prepaid the reservation that was a nonrefundable fee and down we went to Big Lake Lodge and RV.  The pictures look good, but the place is a dump.  There was no room for the trailer and the truck to even get into the place.  It was located on a small canal.  We soon found out that you couldn’t even get into Lake Okeechobee from there.  The lady running the place didn’t want any “whiney bass fishermen” there, so she gave my friend’s money back.  We thought about going to Clewiston, but it was another hour or so away.  We were so disappointed with what we saw, we decided to return home.

There are plenty of rivers and lakes here in Virginia, and I don’t plan to ever trailer a boat that far again!  We both had received signs that we shouldn’t go, but the money was nonrefundable.  At least he got his money back!  We thought we would have a good experience, but all we got was a lesson in false advertising on the internet.  We went to Florida on Monday and came back on Wednesday.  I didn’t do anything on Thursday.  Then on Friday when I got into the car to go out, my body said, “Nooo.”

The Bible says, “Be content with such thing you have,” Jesus will never leave us (Hebrews 13:5).  I’m going to be content with the waters in Virginia.  I plan to go shad fishing on March 17.  Wish me luck.  I don’t keep any fish.